Painting No.8

In the garden today. Which was quite spontaneous, but felt right. I was drawn completely and utterly to the sky today in this painting. That was the thing that drew all of my attention, save perhaps a mark or two. It feels slightly odd saying my attention was only on the sky though, because it […]

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The word ‘relativity’. It’s definition: 1. the absence of standards of absolute and universal application.”moral relativity” 2. PHYSICS the dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects, especially regarding the nature and behaviour of light, space, time, and gravity. Definition from: That is important to my painting. […]

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Painting No.4

The sky overhead was semi-transparent tones of grey, with soft ultramarine blues coming through. The sky moved quickly (as it always does I guess!). At one point there was a circular hole in the misty clouds, to reveal a blue sky above, covered in a thin veil of grey haze. I painted just off the […]

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