Ink Experiments


I completed these ink drawings to test using line and angles to create depth in my work. My plan was to keep experimenting with these before layering the lines over and under my abstract colour paintings.

I used this photograph for experiments 1 and 2.  

At first the lines were quite random, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to capture height using the lines. The first two experiments appear flat and too random because of that. Then I took a step back and thought about how normally I might want to create the illusion of depth in a sketch – the recession of lines to make it look like lines moving into the distance.

Photograph for tests 3,4,5,6,7. 

I picked a portrait photograph this time, because the trees appear more elongated, making it an easier feature to capture.

I started to simplify the tests here, using less lines but ones that are placed more strategically. I used the lines of the trees and the space of the sky to map out the shape. And this ended up creating these long tunnel like shapes that appear to recede into the distance (test 5,6,7).

These shapes remind me of a closed canopy of trees, which is the suggestion I was intending to create.

So these ink tests have shown potential for creating more dimension in my work. I want to test the shapes layering against the abstract colour work I have been doing.

I want to try applying tape to the paper and painting on top, so once the tape has been removed, the shapes are revealed.

I also want to branch out of my sketchbook, putting more pieces on my studio wall so I can see how the project is advancing.

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