Finishing Big Rain Painting

The final painting session outside in the same weather conditions and location as before.
I decided to record myself painting this time, since that is such a big part of the making process it’s interesting to record it! I put a video together of 8 minutes of painting towards the end of the painting session:

I’m glad I went out a third time to finish this canvas, it really needed this final layer to add in elements of the grey sky and add space back into the canvas. The up close textures of the finished painting are interesting, they have much more depth than previous paintings, literally because I have built up more paint on the canvas.

I could not have achieved these textures without painting in the rain! (Unless I artificially created them but that doesn’t seem the point).

How I have to add the structure into the painting. But I want the structure to be these cathedral inspired shapes instead of the basic cuboid I have been using. I am yet to decide on the structure shapes for this, I am going to focus on that and return to this painting to add the structure.

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