Unfinished painting so far

This is what the painting looks like so far. I had more time in this project I would keep glazing. And after this deadline I will keep continuing with it!

You can see I have just started to add the column of light to the painting. I tried adding multiple layers before the glaze had fully dried and I got this horrible texture:

Where the semi-dry glaze would rub off from the pressure of the brushstrokes and leave this patchyness.

I decided it was not worth rushing this painting. Better to have it finished later and done well.

One thing I am struggling with in this painting so far is conveying the bright blue skies and brilliant sunlight that was in the landscape when I painted it. This is because glazing adds an intensity to the scene but it also darkens it. I think I need to add layers of white glaze to parts of the canvas to lighten it up, like I did with the first big glaze canvas. So far my process of glazing has been one of darkening and lightening, pushing back and pulling forward.

I am excited to see this painting finished!

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