Artist: Amy Sillman

I am revisiting the work of Amy Sillman because I am interested in how she exhibits her paintings/drawings in lines, like washing lines, very close together:

Camden Arts Centre Landline
Image from Sillman’s wesbite:

or like this:

Image from Sillman’s website:

I really love this format for form focussed works- such as my ink drawings.

Multi-part ink and paint on printed canvas
Image from Sillman’s website:

The works communicate to each other, a bit like a sentence. I think showing the work like this allows for the drawings to repeat the same shapes in different shapes/ positions in the space of the image.

What is it about how these works interact which is interesting? I think when you show works in this arrangement, your eye automatically tries to decipher links between the individual works. Some sort of narrative, or continuation of shape, colour, pattern, idea. It is suggested that individual statements are coming together to form a larger whole.

My degree show is digital due to COVID, so I can’t build any physical instillation/ sculpture. So I want to use this method of a line/ grid of drawings to express moving in-between, underneath, around, inside, a sculpture.

I want to have a go at doing a series of drawings. I have been TALKING about doing this for long time but LIFE.

I’m re-reading parts of the book ‘Lives of the Artists, Lives of the Architects’ by Hans Ulrich Obrist to help with this idea. It has some wonderful interviews with artists and architects which blur the line between the two practices. Since I want to convey spacial architecture/ form/ space in drawing, through a series of works, it is relevant that I read about architecture and art and the blurring and ideas that travel between the two practices.

I’m going to have a first go at making works that sit in a line/ grid now, and see how I go, with this in mind.

I feel like I’m at a point in my practice where the white lined structures I was making seem a little behind what I am doing now. But at the same time, I don’t feel I have fleshed out my new glazing, light collumns etc way of working either. I am in this limbo between the two? Only continuing with my practice after this long pause will work on that! Let me just have a go.

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