Locked + Loaded Virtual Exhibition

Honoured to be a part of DegreeArt’s virtual exhibition ‘Locked + Loaded’ which launched last night. It was a wonderful experience to ‘meet’ the other artists on a zoom opening event, and get to know the DegreeArt team more.

There have been many silver linings amongst the unexpected new challenges faced in 2020. Our first exhibition since lockdown celebrates the pure, multiplices and creative responses this period has enabled. 

The ‘Locked + Loaded’ exhibition and the artwork it showcases, is a reflection of the unplanned journey we have been on, a celebration of what has been accomplished and a permanent reminder, that together, we can transform the world for the better.


You can now view the exhibition catalogue here. The catalogue includes writing about how each artist’s practice has developed over the last 7 months, and a celebration of all creative efforts that have shone through during these difficult times.

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