Essay: Making In Place

Artist Nuria Rovira and I have an on-going ‘Writing Exchange’ that started when we were running the artist collective The GAP Studio. We take it in turn to write an essay to each other, in an on-going conversation on place-based making. This essay is my most recent response. Readers don’t need to have read the…… Continue reading Essay: Making In Place

Belonging & Memory

I’ve always used moving as a mental escape, as a way to make the present better. The series of paintings I worked on last Autumn are part of this. The act of painting from memory involves accessing memories, delving into a world in my mind of visceral feelings from my past, and portraying them on…… Continue reading Belonging & Memory

Upcoming residency at Porthmeor Studios with Freelands Foundation

For the month of March I will living and working in St. Ives, Cornwall as a resident artist at Porthmeor studios. The residency is supported by the Freelands Foundation and I am so excited to go down there! To make the most of the opportunity, I want to start thinking intentionally now about how I…… Continue reading Upcoming residency at Porthmeor Studios with Freelands Foundation

Theatrical Paintings by Emma Webster

I was told have a look at the paintings by Emma Webster recently and I’ve immediately become enthralled by them! Her paintings are highly theatrical. Always landscapes of ‘wild’, sublime looking lands full of trees, rolling hills, pools of water, vast skies. You can tell she’s influenced by romantic painters like Thomas Cole. Except unlike…… Continue reading Theatrical Paintings by Emma Webster

Phenomenology thoughts…

Phenomenology has been central to my practice for a long while. I read Maurice Merleu-Ponty’s essay on Cezzanne (name) as an undergrad and it shaped my practice for years to come. I no longer think phenomenology is how I relate to my work. I don’t think I believe any longer that there is an objective…… Continue reading Phenomenology thoughts…

I actually looked

I actually looked at my painting in progress. Eyes stopped flitting, mind stopped on overdrive. Eyes sloooowed. I looked, that’s it. The textures, colours, edges of shapes, layers of paint, energy on the surface. I opened myself up to what was right in front of me the whole time. My feet stopped floating and I…… Continue reading I actually looked

Johnathon Sacks and community

I have been thinking a lot recently about community and morality. These are two very serious words! They conflict with my urban, displaced and twenty-something stage in life typically associated with the flighty, frivolous and selfish years. I read this book a few months ago: Morality: Restoring the Common Good in Divided Times by Johnathon…… Continue reading Johnathon Sacks and community