Frieze article: What Makes Artist-Run Spaces Flourish

experimentation always happens when there’s no market, there’s a recession or a war.

it’s during these low points in socio-economic history that our culture really leaps forward.

to paraphrase Lee Lozano, the easiest discipline is the best.

I was also interested in engaging with a community that is not about the market, but about exchanges amongst peers. 

^ What does that mean?!

Lately, I feel LA is over-saturated with handsome white cubes that have beautiful skylights, but where the viewing experience becomes anonymous, rote.

^ Interesting. Agreed. Bit conglomerate businesses remove the personableness of an art spaces. They rid the community, the connection between people and ideas, they stop, dam the flow of ideas, important spaces between people. They put borders and limits and labels and tags and identities on everyone and everything.

In the past, there’s been a cycle of benign neglect in LA, which meant that artists could make things without much expectation. The recent influx of money and attention has changed everything. When the market and things like Instagram homogenize art, domestic spaces can create little sub-cultures, pockets of difference and specificity. These spaces serve a different scale of audience. Maybe a dozen people see a show, but all of them are brilliant and are impacted by it. 


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