Nathan Coley: Tentative Words Change Everything

A really interesting outdoor instillation series. The neon phrases positioned in the Sussex landscape are powerful yet nuanced; “They challenge us to look again at the world around us and – ultimately –  at ourselves.”

The neon signs cast a narrative over the landscape. They direct the viewers thoughts, they invite a deeper contemplation.

There is something eery about their placement. The signs are lonely, the trace of a human with intense feeling has left behind a bold trace of their thinking.

I would like to go and see these signs in person. Feel how they interact with the land, rather than considering this project from photographs. It is certainly powerful in photos, I wonder how they translate when the landscape is all encompassing, rather than framed by the edge of an image.

And what do locals think of the signs? Graffiti on the landscape? Beautiful?

I don’t believe the artist is local to Sussex, so what is the relationship between the artwork and sussex and the artist?

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