Phenomenology thoughts…

Phenomenology has been central to my practice for a long while. I read Maurice Merleu-Ponty’s essay on Cezzanne (name) as an undergrad and it shaped my practice for years to come.

I no longer think phenomenology is how I relate to my work. I don’t think I believe any longer that there is an objective world outside of my subjective experience. This is a philosophy that feeds an obsession with data. It’s a philosophy that suggests one head cannot experience anything broad, universal. We are all little boxes of consciousness floating around an object, grid like reality.

I don’t like that experience is reduced, it makes my experience seem secondary to something bigger I need to measure.

I am willing to change my mind about this. Perhaps I should read more Merleu-Ponty to understand his work better, perhaps this opinion is coming from a misconception of phenomenology?

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