St Ives 9.3

I went outside and drew on Porthmeor Beach this afternoon. I did some very observation drawings for the first while and then I did some very expressive, gestural marks of the sky – like I used to paint! I felt something in my shifting when I did this. A feeling of right-ness? But then that feels so different to the paintings I’m doing in the studio, the dioramas, and I feel like I need to pick between them. The conceptual stuff, the ideas, the writing I am doing much more suites the diorama stuff. It feels scary to pick! Do I need to analyse my old work to pick? I’m going to keep going and see.

To make the dioramas more interesting I could add shapes that stick out, so it’s not just a flat, empty box. The hills could stick out? Tbf, the front hill looking West could be layered in front of a taller hill behind, rather than edges. Yes! That would make a lot more sense.

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