Out of sketchbook experiment #1

IMG_0062This is the first experiment I have done outside of my sketchbook. I used graphite pencils 2B-6B and a putty rubber to add highlights. I said before doing this experiment that I wanted to experiment with colour, but once again I was drawn to light and dark, and breaking form down to a more simple representation.

As I was doing this piece, my movements were becoming less controlled than previous experiments. Perhaps because I was frustrated with the amount of detail in these woodland images, and wanted to give more sweeping impressions. IMG_0061

I took this photo whilst in the process of making the above piece. (Zoomed in left-middle piece). I was using the technique of smudging the graphite then using a putty rubber to loosely rub over the paper to erase parts. It created the impression of branches, and had this energy to it that delicate, controlled sketching wasn’t producing.

Overall there are aspects of this experiment that work really well. The mix of smudging and scratchy line work make for a good finish. To push this idea further I want to try it on a bigger scale, and with a medium I can be more lose with – charcoal.

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